Wednesday, September 19

Pinoy Politikomiks


I deeply share the private grief of an archbishop friend of mine, over the fact that most of our supposedly intelligent (clerics included!) and well-informed Filipinos nowadays, even the young but especially the most well-off, have practically lost their sense of moral indignation, despite the increasingly bizarre perfidies perpetrated by our high-powered politicians and government bureaucrats.

And so I have decided to try something different (hereunder!), so as to prick our collective conscience. For we the people are not stupid, nor hopeless. We unmistakably smell the nauseating, stinking garbage that emanates from way up there in the highest corridors of influence and power.

Believe me dear and supposedly well-educated Catholics who are knowingly involved or covering up for the latter in this ongoing "broadband cyberspace" tragi-comedy with its orchestrated brazen mendacity, you can’t and won’t get away scot-free from such out-and-out mockery of truth. For Truth is God Himself! And your victims are the long impoverished tens of millions of Other Christs who have already been mocked and plundered repeatedly by many other similarly greedy and rapacious politicians and bureaucrats.

Where are our new generation of the fiery patriot Lorenzo Tanada, the martyr-hero Ninoy Aquino, the prophet and father-figure Jaime Cardinal Sin, the simple yet sincere Ramon Magsaysay and yes, Jose Rizal too?

Let’s all sincere Muslims, Catholics and Christians come out now and support our few outnumbered yet already heroic old and young prophets and advocates for moral governance. Including you too JDV pere! For your son and namesake has just gifted you with a one-in-a-trillion OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime, to sacrifice and redeem yourself magnificently for and in behalf of our people.

"Bato-bato sa langit, pag tumama kanino man, sana’y di magalit!"

Politiko-miks (Sep 19, 2007)