Thursday, December 20

Christmas with Christ


On Monday December 24, a group of friends of kindred spirit will be entertaining several families from among the most destitute in their neighborhood, during a unique “Christmas party for Christ among the poorest of the poor”.

Their inspiration for doing so came from the following recent reflection of one of the organizers:

“If I really truly believe that Christ Himself is there, among the poorest of the poor who are neglected by most everybody else, would I merely and so impersonally hand over a hastily prepared basket of the usual material goods and dole-outs given to the poor on such commonly ritual occasions?

Of course I wouldn't!

But the fact remains that we continue to participate in many such widely publicized so-called charitable events, but with minimal if any, Christian reflection and motivation.

And so I wish to remind myself that charity towards the poor, if motivated for Christ's sake, must therefore be conducted in a manner and dignity that befits Christ Himself. In short, with utmost love and caring!”

Coincidentally or providentially, what they will be doing on the eve of Christmas day, was done by Christ Himself together with His friends on a Thursday before Passover. It used to be done also by families in Bicolandia on the Sunday after Easter.

Here is the account of that agape celebration by Christ for the poorest of the poor some 2,000 years ago, from Volume III of Maria Valtorta's Poem of the Man God.