Friday, November 14

The End Times (Part III)


Yesterday’s Gospel reading from Luke 17:20-25 says:

The Pharisees asked Jesus when the kingdom of God was to come. He answered, “The kingdom of God is not like something you can observe and say of it: ‘Look, here it is! There it is!’ See, the kingdom of God is among you.”

And Jesus said to his disciples, “The time is at hand when you will long to see one of the glorious days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it. Then people will tell you: ‘Look there! Look here!’ Do not go, do not follow them. As lightning flashes from one end of the sky to the other, so will it be with the Son of Man. But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this people.”

Those Scripture verses should establish the consistency and authenticity of the Maria Valtorta-sourced End Times revelations, at least with respect to the following:

1. The “Son of Man”, through His Mystical Body the Church, “first… must suffer many things and be rejected by this (kind of) people.” And thus Our Lord Jesus Christ speaking some 2,000 years later on April 22, 1947 through Maria Valtorta per Volume 5 of the Poem of the Man-God, emphatically said: “And I shall truly tell you that the destiny of these disciples (in future ages) will be the same as Mine: the synagogue and proud people will persecute them as they persecuted Me.

2. Those Scriptural readings from St. Luke yesterday also confirm Maria Valtorta in that the Kingdom of Godis NOT like something you can observe and say of it ‘look, here it is! There it is!’” But instead, it is “among you”. Such therefore also establishes the ERROR of the so-called millenarian notion where Jesus Christ will physically reign in this world for a thousand years like a temporal ruler during the days of the Holy Roman Empire of old. For in Part II of this series, Maria Valtorta was quoted in her End Times book as follows:

“My reign is not of this earth, according to what reigning means on earth. But it is a reign over the earth, because I will reign over the earth!” (August 16, 1943)

“I will reign over, and in, the spirits having reached that maturity which today is that of individuals and then will be that of the whole mass of Christians.” (August 16, 1943)

3. Again contrary to erroneous yet widespread opinion, Valtorta’s End Times correctly corresponds with Sacred Scriptures such as today’s reading from Luke 17:26-37 and its lengthy version in Matthew 24. The End Times are not only about the final end and destruction of this world’s physical existence and the general judgment of mankind to follow immediately after, as is briefly described in Matthew 25 and in our Apostles Creed. The End Times include the even more important PRIOR period of global moral depravity, especially within the Church particularly the clergy. This prophesied pandemic loss of faith and similar loss of the sense of guilt for sins, which are already happening, will be followed by its consequential period of Divine chastisement. And then and only then will the spiritual reign of Christ known as His Second Coming, we are told will come, and to be preceded by the worldwide acceptance of the maternal queenship or triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It is that preceding triumph of Our Lady in the hearts and souls of mankind which was first clearly prophesied at Fatima in 1917. These were subsequently amplified over a period of 25 years from 1972 to 1997 by the 604 messages via interior locution given to Rev. Fr. Stefano Gobbi by Our Lady herself, and intended primarily for her Catholic priest-sons! These have been published in the Blue Book consisting of more than 20 Editions worldwide, with the different Imprimaturs of some twenty different Bishops and Cardinals, including our own Jaime Cardinal Sin in 1990. That was when my brother the late Antonio B. Olaguer, S.J. was the National Director in the Philippines of the Marian Movement of Priests, whose “supplementary Bible” is that Blue Book.

Here are some of those 604 Blue Book messages from Our Lady.


October 31, 1973

From the Hands of my Adversary

a “(…) By means of my Movement, I will snatch many of my priest-sons from the hands of my Adversary.

b Many of them are in darkness and in the greatest of desolation because they have betrayed Jesus and the Gospel.

c But I will bring them to see my light and to hear my voice, and they will once again become my dearest sons. I myself will bind up their wounds, I will heal them and I will make them invulnerable to any further falls.

d I am a Mother and I want to save them because they are my children.

e Therefore no one should feel lost; no one should despair. My Immaculate Heart is preparing this great return of my dearest sons.”


November 1, 1973

Feast of All Saints

My Faithful Cohort

c My Adversary fears only this. He will make every effort to remove me even farther from the hearts of my faithful, in order to keep me even more obscured in the Church. He is now engaging in his greatest battle against me, the decisive one, in which one of us two will be defeated forever.

d At the moment, from many indications, it seems as though my Adversary is the victor; but the time of my greatest return and of my total victory is at hand.

e In the decisive battle, I want my priest-sons to be with me. They will be led by me, they will be docile to my orders, obedient to my wishes, responsive to my requests.

f Since by their consecration they have allowed themselves to be possessed by me, I will manifest myself in them and through them I will act to strike at the heart of my enemy and to crush his head with my heel.

g But these priests must now begin to act; through them I want to return to the midst of my faithful, because it is with them, gathered about my priests, that I want to form my invincible cohort.


Dongo, December 19,1973

The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart

e I have chosen you and prepared you for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world, and these are the years when I will bring my plan to completion.

f It will be a cause of amazement even to the angels of God; a joy to the saints in heaven; a consolation and great comfort for all the just on earth. Mercy and salvation for a great number of my straying children; a severe and definitive condemnation of Satan and his many followers.

g In fact at the very moment when Satan will be enthroned as lord of the world and will think himself now the sure victor, I myself will snatch the prey from his hands. In a trice he will find himself empty-handed and in the end the victory will be exclusively my Son’s and mine. This will be the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world.


December 28, 1973

Feast of the Holy Innocents

My Church Will Be Renewed

a "My son, you must be the comforter of my Immaculate Heart. For this you must live each moment outside of yourself, indif­ferent to all your personal problems.

e How many thorns afflict my heart: the souls which stray from my Son, even from among the faithful, become more numerous every day. Those who only yesterday were good and generous souls, swept away by the general confusion, become timorous, insecure and as though paralyzed.

f The most painful thorns are those caused me by the most loved and especially chosen of my children, the priests.

g Along with these who, like Judas, daily betray my Son Jesus and his Church, how numerous now are the wavering, the doubting, the unfaithful! They celebrate Holy Mass, they admin­ister the sacraments and they no longer believe . . .

h Their sacrileges have now reached that limit which cannot any longer be exceeded without abusing the very justice of God.

i If these unfaithful sons of mine only knew the horrible trials which await them, oh, perhaps they would repent! . . . On the contrary, they go heedlessly to meet their great chastise­ment and at the decisive moment they will be taken unprepared.

j And so you understand, O my son, why I am now so active among the faithful souls from among my priests.

k I will call them and they will answer me; I will cover them with my immaculate mantle and they will be invincible. Jesus will pour out upon them the Spirit that filled my soul, and they will be transformed.

l I will give them, as only a mother can, my Son Jesus and they will listen to Him alone, they will love Him alone, they will faithfully announce Him according to the Gospel. And through them my Church will be entirely renewed.


July 9, 1975

Your Heaviest Cross

c I have wanted you to taste just a little drop of the great bitter­ness which overwhelms my heart because of so many of my poor priest-sons of whom Satan has now taken complete possession...

d My poor sons, what anguish they cause me!

e Priests of my Son, they no longer believe in my Son and con­tinually betray Him; priests called to be ministers of grace, they now live habitually in sin: their life is an uninterrupted succes­sion of sacrileges. Priests sent to proclaim the Gospel of salva­tion, they have now become propagators of error. Priests chosen to save many souls, they lead so very many souls along the road of perdition.

f This is the hour when the abomination of desolation is truly entering into the holy temple of God.

g They are no longer the salt of the earth, but a salt without savor, corrupted and nauseating, good only to be strewn on the ground and trampled under foot by everyone. They are no longer the light on the candlestick, but darkness which makes the night even more obscure.

h They are all poor ailing priest-sons of mine, because they have fallen under the dominion of Satan. . .

i My beloved son, how can my heart not be submerged in an infinite sea of sorrow?

j Priests of my Movement, you beloved sons of my Sorrowful Heart, what must you do in order to save all these priests who are so ill and so much in need of my motherly help?

k Help them, without ever judging them. Love them always. Do not condemn them; this is not your role. Love them by your suffering, by your witnessing, by your good example.

l Be an example to them by defending, even exteriorly, your dignity. You should never abandon the ecclesiastical garb, thus obeying the will, time and time again expressed, of the Vicar of my Son, the Pope.

m Pray for them. A great force of prayer is needed to obtain from the Heart of Jesus the conversion and repentance of these poor sons of mine. You have been chosen by me for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world. But this triumph will begin with the salvation of many of these poor priest-sons of mine who have gone astray.

n Form an unbroken chain of prayer and of love to ask for their salvation and that my Immaculate Heart may become, especially for them, the most secure refuge.

o Suffer with the Pope, with the Bishops, with the faithful priests.

p This is the cross which Jesus now asks you to carry: to live side by side with brother-priests who no longer believe, who spiritually are no longer alive, who betray the Gospel, who are unfaithful servants and yet remain in the Church to be ministers of this infidelity. This is for you the heaviest of crosses, but it enters into a greater plan of mine. The decisive events have already begun, and the one you are living through is the begin­ning of these.

q This scandal will become even greater and more serious. You will be called upon to suffer more and more, because this veritable apostasy from the Gospel will one day become general in the Church, before the great liberating purification.

r Therefore, no longer fix your attention on time; do not be even reckoning on the time of my triumph. Live simply in surrender and trust, like my little children, in my Immaculate Heart."


December 31, 1975

Last Night of the Year

The Gift Which I Give to the Church

c Many of my children have accepted the invitation of the Vicar of Christ and have come from all parts of the world to receive the great pardon.

d Other children of mine have passed this year in complete indifference, immersed only in their earthly interests.

e A great many others have not heard this invitation; on the contrary, they have deliberately closed their souls to the great mercy of my Son Jesus.

f Among these, alas, there have been some priests.

g This is the sign of the truth of what I have often caused you to perceive in your heart.

h Satan is maneuvering more and more openly in my Church He has now associated many of my priest-sons with himself, deluding them with the false mirage that Marxism proposes to all: exclusive interest in the poor; a Christianity engaged solely in the building up of a more equitable human society; a Church which would be more evangelical and therefore disengaged from its hierarchical institutions!

i This real division within my Church, this real apostasy on the part of so many of my priest-sons, will become accentuated and thus develop into a violent and open rebellion.


May 13, 1976

Anniversary of the First Apparition at Fatima

Consecrate Yourselves to My Immaculate Heart

a “Today, my beloved sons, recall my coming down upon this earth, in the poor Cova da Iria in Fatima. I came from heaven to ask you for the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.

b Through you, priests of my Movement, what I had then asked is now being realized. You are consecrating yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and leading souls entrusted to you to this consecration which I desire.

c Since that day how much time has passed! It is now fifty-nine years.

d The Second World War, foretold by me as a punishment allowed by God for a humanity which alas did not repent, has also taken place.

e Now you are living in that period of time when the Red Dragon, that is to say Marxist atheism, is spreading throughout the whole world and is increasingly bringing about the ruin of souls.

f He is indeed succeeding in seducing and casting down a third of the stars of heaven.

g These stars in the firmament of the Church, are the pastors: they are yourselves, my poor priest-sons.

h Has not perchance even the Vicar of my Son affirmed to you that it is the dearest friends, even the confreres of the same table, the priests and the religious, who are today betraying and set­ting themselves against the Church?

i This is then the hour to have recourse to the great remedy that the Father offers you to resist the seductions of the Evil One and to oppose the real apostasy which is spreading more and more among my poor children. Consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart.

j To everyone who consecrates himself to me I again promise salvation: safety from error in this world and eternal salvation.

k You will obtain this through a special motherly intervention on my part. Thus I will prevent you from falling into the entice­ments of Satan. You will be protected and defended by me per­sonally; you will be consoled and strengthened by me.

l Now is the time when my call must be answered by all priests who want to remain faithful.

m Each one must consecrate himself to my Immaculate Heart, and through you priests many of my children will make this conse­cration.

n This is like a vaccine which, like a good Mother, I give you to preserve you from the epidemic of atheism, which is contaminating so many of my children and leading to the death of the spirit.

o These are the times that I myself foretold; this is the hour of the purification. Heed the requests of your Mother and entrust yourselves to me with all confidence and the most complete surrender.”


May 18, 1977

My Battle

a “Let yourselves be led by me, beloved sons. My battle has now already begun.

b I will begin to strike at the heart of my Adversary, and I will act especially there where he now feels victory is assured.

c He has succeeded in seducing you through pride. He has managed to pre-arrange everything in a most clever fashion. He has bent to his design every sector of human science and technique, arranging everything for rebellion against God. The greater part of humanity is now in his hands. He has managed by guile to draw to himself scientists, artists, philosophers, scholars, the powerful. Enticed by him, they have now put themselves at his service to act without God and against God.

d But this is his weak point.

e I shall attack him by using the strength of the little, the poor, the humble, the weak.

f I, the little handmaid of the Lord, shall place myself at the head of a great company of the humble to attack the stronghold manned by the proud.

g The only thing I ask of all these sons of mine is that they consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart, and let themselves be possessed by me. Thus in them it will be I myself who will act.

h And my victory, through them, has already begun.


December 24, 1978

The Holy Night

His Second Coming

b This is the holy night. You are spending it in prayer and recollection. You are spending it with me.

c In this night, darkness covers everything, and silence has now dimmed every sound, when suddenly a new light pours forth from heaven and the festive voices of angels resound along the deserted roadways of the world.

d The desert of the world opens to receive its God who is born of me in his human life.

e His second coming, beloved children, will be like the first. As was his birth on this night, so also will be the return of Jesus in glory, before his final coming for the last judgment, the hour of which, however, is still hidden in the secrets of the Father.

f The world will be completely covered in the darkness of the denial of God, of its obstinate rejection of Him and rebellion against his law of love. The coldness of hatred will still cause the roadways of this world to be deserted. Almost no one will be ready to receive Him.

g The great ones will not even remember Him, the rich will close their doors on Him, while his own will be too busy with seeking and affirming themselves…

h When the son of Man comes, will He still find faith on the earth? He will come suddenly and the world will not be ready for his coming. He will come for a judgment for which man will find himself unprepared. He will come to establish his kingdom in the world, after having defeated and annihilated his enemies.

i Even in this second coming, the Son will come to you through his Mother. As the Word of the Father made use of my virginal womb to come to you, so also will Jesus make use of my Immaculate Heart to come and reign in your midst.

j This is the hour of my Immaculate Heart, because the coming of Jesus’ glorious reign of love is now in preparation.

k Beloved children, just as I did, you too must prepare yourselves to receive Him!


January 28, 1979

The First Sign: Confusion

a “Beloved children, take refuge in my Immaculate Heart.

b The glorious reign of Christ will be preceded by a great suffering which will serve to purify the Church and the world and to lead them to their complete renewal.

c Jesus has already begun his merciful work of renewal with the Church, his spouse.

d Various signs indicated to you that the time of purification has come for the Church: the first of these is the confusion which reigns there. This in fact is the time of its greatest confusion.

e Confusion is spreading within the Church, where everything in the field of dogma, liturgy and discipline is being subverted.

f These include truths revealed by my Son and which the Church has defined once and for all, through her divine and infallible authority.

g These truths are unchangeable, as the very truth of God is unchangeable. Many of these form part of real mysteries in the strict sense of the word, because they are not and never can be understood by human intelligence.

h Man must accept them with humility, by an act of pure faith and firm trust in God who has revealed them and proposed them to men of all times, through the Magisterium of the Church.

i But now there is spread abroad a most dangerous tendency of wanting to penetrate and understand everything – even mysteries – to such a point that only that part of the truth is accepted which can be understood by human intelligence. There is a desire to unveil the very mystery of God.

j Any truth which is not understood by reason is rejected. There is an inclination to propose all revealed truth in a new and rationalistic way, under the illusion of making it acceptable to all.

k Thus truth is being corrupted with error. Error is being spread in a most dangerous way, namely, as a new and modern way of understanding the truth; and it ends by subverting the very truths which are the foundation of the Catholic faith.

l They are not denied openly, but they are accepted in such an equivocal way that doctrine is most seriously compromised by error in an unprecedented manner.

m As a result, talk and discussion go on and on, but there is no longer any belief, and the darkness of error spreads.


February 2, 1979

Feast of the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple

The Second Sign: Lack of Discipline

f Today my heart is wounded anew by seeing so many of my beloved sons who live without docility to the will of God, because they do not observe and often openly disdain the laws proper to their priestly state.

g Thus lack of discipline is spreading in the Church and reaping victims, even from among her very pastors. (bishops!)

h This is the second sign which indicates to you that, for the Church, the final time of purification has come: a lack of discipline which has spread throughout all levels, especially among the clergy.

i It is lack of discipline to be wanting in interior docility to the will of God, a lack of discipline which is manifested by the flouting of those obligations which are proper to your state of life: the obligation to pray, to give good example, to lead a holy and apostolic life. How many there are, among the priests, who allow themselves to become absorbed in excessive activity and who no longer pray! They habitually neglect the Liturgy of the Hours, meditation and the recitation of the holy rosary. They limit their prayer to a hurried celebration of Holy Mass.

j And so my poor sons become interiorly empty and no longer have the light and strength to resist the many snares amidst which they live. They thus become contaminated by the spirit of the world and accept its way of life, share its values, take part in its profane manifestations, allow themselves to be conditioned by its methods of propaganda and, in the end, come to adopt its very mentality. And so they end up by living as ministers of the world, according to its spirit which they justify and propagate, thus provoking scandal amongst many of the faithful.

k From this spring the growing rebellion against canonical norms which regulate the life of priests, and the recurring objection to the obligation of sacred celibacy, desired by Jesus as expressed by his Church, and which has at this time been once again strongly re affirmed by the Pope.

l It is lack of discipline to disregard with ease the norms which the Church has laid down for the regulation of liturgical and ecclesiastical life.

m Today each one tends to direct himself according to his own tastes or free choice, and with what scandalous facility are violated the norms of the Church, which have been reaffirmed again and again by the Holy Father, such as the obligation for priests to wear the ecclesiastical dress!

n Alas, sometimes the first to continue disobeying this prescription are the pastors (bishops!) themselves, and it is their bad example which then fosters lack of discipline in all sectors of the Church.

o This disorder, which is spreading in the Church, indicates to you with clarity that the final moment of her purification has come.


February 11,1979

Anniversary of the Apparition at Lourdes

The Third Sign: Division

h Today my Immaculate Heart trembles and is anguished to see the division within the Church.

i This division, which has penetrated the Church, is the third sign which indicates to you with certainty that the final moment of her painful purification has come.

j If, in the course of the centuries, the Church has many times been torn by division which has led many of my children to separate themselves from her, I nevertheless obtained from Jesus the singular privilege of her interior unity.

k But in these times, my Adversary has, with his smoke, succeeded in darkening even the light of this divine prerogative of the Church.

l This interior division is manifesting itself even among the faithful who often set themselves one against the other, in an attempt to defend and better promote the truth. Thus the truth is betrayed by even them, as the Gospel of my Son cannot be divided.

m This interior division sometimes even leads priests to set themselves against priests, bishops against bishops and cardinal against cardinals, for never before as in these times has Satan so succeeded in finding his way into their midst, rending asunder the precious bond of their mutual love.

n This interior division is expressed by the tendency to leave to himself and to abandon, so to speak, the very Vicar of Jesus, the Pope, who is a son particularly loved and enlightened by me.

o My mother’s heart is wounded to see how the silence and neglect of my children often envelop the words and actions of the Holy Father, while he is increasingly struck and impeded by his adversaries.

p Because of this interior division, his very ministry is not sufficiently supported and furthered by the whole Church whom Jesus has wanted to be united about the successor of Peter.

q My motherly heart grieves to see how even some pastors (bishops!) refuse to let themselves be guided by his enlightening and trustworthy words.

r The first way of being separated from the Pope is that of open rebellion. But there is also another way, more subtle and dangerous. It is that of proclaiming one’s unity openly, but of dissenting from him interiorly, letting his teaching fall into a void and in practice, doing the contrary of what he says.

s Oh, Church, mystical body of Jesus, in your painful journey to Calvary, you have reached the eleventh station and you see yourself wrenched and torn in your members, which are again nailed to the cross!


March 3, 1979

First Saturday of the Month

The Forth Sign: Persecution

c The fourth sign which indicates to you that the culminating period of the Church’s painful purification has come, is persecution. The Church is in fact being persecuted in various ways.

d She is being persecuted by the world in which she lives and journeys, pointing out to all the way to salvation. The real enemies of God are those who set themselves deliberately against God, in order to lead all humanity to live without Him; it is they who are persecuting the Church more and more.

e Sometimes she is persecuted in an open and violent manner; she is despoiled of everything and prevented from preaching the Gospel of Jesus.

f But in these times, the Church is often subjected to an even greater ordeal; she is persecuted in a subtle and painless manner, by being deprived bit by bit of the oxygen which she needs to live. Then an attempt is made to bring her to compromise with the spirit of the world, which thus enters into her and affects and paralyzes her vitality.

g Collaboration is often brought about through a most subtle form of persecution; an outward show of respect for her has become the surest way to strike her.

h A new technique has been discovered by which she can be put to death with no outcry and without shedding blood.

i The Church is being persecuted also from within, especially at the hands of those sons of hers who have reached a compromise with her Adversary. He has succeeded in seducing even some of her very pastors(bishops!). Some of these are even knowingly collaborating in this plan of interior and hidden persecution of my Church.

j My beloved sons are being called to the trial of finding themselves sometimes obstructed, pushed aside and persecuted by some of their own confreres, while those who are unfaithful have free scope for their action.

k The same hours of suffering that my Son Jesus lived through are awaiting you too, beloved sons: the hours of Gethsemane, when He experienced the interior agony of being abandoned, betrayed and denied by his own..

l If this is the road trodden by the Master, it is also the road which you too must tread, you his faithful disciples, as the purification of the entire Church becomes more painful.

m Have confidence, beloved sons, apostles of my Immaculate Heart!

n No other trial will serve so much to bring about the complete renewal of the Church as this interior persecution. In fact she will emerge from this suffering purer, more humble, more enlightened, stronger.