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Many of us must have listened with rapt attention and perhaps even with moist eyes, to U.S. President-elect Senator Barack Obama delivering his historic and truly eloquent Victory Speech in Chicago last Wednesday November 5 (Manila Time). Many more of us must also have read or heard over the last two months in the newspapers and from TV newscasts, practically the same Obama-delivered litany of near-apocalyptic but here-and-now global disasters, such as financial, economic, global warming, extreme weather disturbances, earthquakes, floods, ethnic wars and terrorism, widespread violence even among school children, and corruption at the highest levels of political governance.

And so most of us readily believe, even shudder and rightly too, at these apocalyptic-like disasters being urgently relayed to us with great urgency by Obama, media and other secular sources of dire news.

And yet up to now only a miniscule number of souls have believed those substantially similar warnings albeit of still impending global disasters, coming from Heaven through visionaries and seers such as Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia at Fatima in 1917, Maria Valtorta during and right after WWII, Dom Stefano Gobbi from 1973 to 1998, “Anne” the Irish lay apostle starting just some four years ago, Jesuit priest Ed Carter, S.J. and many more like them.

To refresh our memories and to prick our consciences during this coming Advent period, here are fragments of those warnings. And please note that these are substantially consistent with the New Testament Gospel, especially vis-a-vis Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 and the Old Testament’s Zechariah 13 among many others.

  1. From Maria Valtorta’s Poem of the Man-God, Volume 5, pages 847 to 849 as published by Centro Valtortiano Editoriale:

Consider what is a Priest. The good he can do. The evil he can do. You have had the example of what can be done by a priest who has lapsed from his sacred character. I truly tell you that this country will be dispersed because of the sins of the Temple. But I also truly tell you that also the Earth will be destroyed when the abomination of desolation will affect the new Priesthood, by leading men to apostasy in order to embrace the doctrines of hell.

Then the son of Satan will arise and peoples will moan in dreadful fright, as only few will remain faithful to the Lord, and also then, after horrible convulsions, the end will come after the victory of God and of His few Chosen ones, and the wrath of God on all the cursed ones. Woe, three times woe if for those few there will still be no saints, the last pavilions of the Temple of Christ! Woe, three times woe, if to comfort the last Christians, there will be no true Priests, as there will be for the first ones. Really the last persecution will be horrible, as it will not be the persecution of men but of the son of Satan and of his followers.

Priests? Those of the last hour will have to be more than priests, so wild will be the persecution of the hordes of the Antichrist. Like the man dressed in linen, who is so holy as to be beside the Lord, in the vision of Ezekiel, they will have to be untiring in marking a Tau with their perfection on the spirits of the few faithful ones, so that the flames of mayhem do not cancel that sign.

Priests? Angels. Angels swinging the thurible of the incenses of their virtues to purify the air of the miasmata of Satan. Angels? More than angels: other Christs, others Myself, so that the believers of the last times may be able to persevere until the end. That is what they will have to be.

But future good and evil have roots in the present. Avalanches begin with a snowflake. A priest who is unworthy, impure, heretic, unfaithful, incredulous, tepid or cold, dull, insipid, lustful, does ten times as much harm as a believer guilty of the same sins, and he drags many more to commit sin. Laxity in the Priesthood, the reception of impure doctrines, selfishness, greed, concupiscence in the Priesthood, you are aware of the result of all that: deicide.

Now, in future ages, the Son of God can no longer be killed, but the faith in God, the idea of God, can. So a deicide will be accomplished, which is even more irreparable, because it is without resurrection. Oh! it can be accomplished, yes. I see... It will be possible to accomplish it, because of the too many Judases of Kerioth of future ages. How horrible!...

My Church demolished by its own ministers! While I support it with the help of victims. And they, the Priests, who will have only the garment and not the soul of a Priest, who help the ebullition of the waves agitated by the infernal Snake against your boat, Peter. Stand up! Rise! Transmit this order to your successors:

"Hands on the rudder, the lash on the shipwrecked people who wanted to be shipwrecked, and try to founder the boat of God. Strike, but save and proceed. Be severe, because just is the punishment for marauders. Defend the treasure of the faith. Hold the lamp aloft, like a lighthouse above the rough sea, so that those who follow your boat may see and not perish. Shepherd and pilot for the dreadful times, gather, guide, hold My Gospel high, because safety is found in it and in no other science.”

Likewise the time will come when the Gospel will be taught scientifically well, spiritually badly.

Now, what is science if it lacks wisdom? It is straw. Straw that swells and does not nourish. And I truly tell you that the time will come in which too many among the Priests will be like swollen straw-stacks, proud straw-stacks, that will stand up straight in the pride of being so swollen, as if they had given themselves all those ears of wheat that crowned the straw, as if the ears were still on the summits of the straw, and will think that they are everything because, instead of the handful of wheat, the true nourishment that is the spirit of the Gospel, they will have all that straw: a heap! A heap! But can straw be enough? It is not even sufficient for the stomach of a beast of burden, and if its master does not strengthen the animal with fodder and fresh herbs, the beast of burden nourished only with straw wastes away and may even die.

And yet I tell you that the time will come when the Priests, forgetting that with few ears of wheat I taught spirits the Truth, and forgetting also what it cost their Lord that true bread of the spirit, drawn completely and only from the Divine Wisdom, spoken by the Divine Word, dignified in its doctrinal form, indefatigable in its repetitions, so that the truth spoken should not get lost, humble in its form, without the false glitter of human sciences. Without historical or geographical completions,(which) will not take care of its soul, but of the garment to be thrown on it, (only) to show the crowds how many things they know. And the spirit of the Gospel will get lost in them, under avalanches of human science.

And if they do not possess it, how can they transmit it? What will these swollen straw-stacks give the believers? Straw. What nourishment will the spirits of the believers get from it? Enough to lead a wretched languishing life. Which fruit will ripen from such teaching and from this imperfect knowledge of the Gospel? The coolness of hearts, the replacement of the only true doctrine with heretical doctrines, with doctrines and ideas that are more than heretical, the preparation of the ground in favour of the Beast for his transient icy dark horrible kingdom.

I truly tell you that, as the Father and Creator multiplies the stars so that the sky may not become depopulated because of those that perish, when their lives end, likewise I shall have to evangelize thousands of times the disciples that I will scatter among men in future ages. And I also truly tell you that the destiny of these disciples will be the same as Mine: the synagogue and proud people will persecute them as they persecuted Me. But both they and I have our reward: that of doing the Will of God and serving Him even to death on a cross, so that His glory may shine and the knowledge of Him may not perish.

  1. From Maria Valtorta’s The End Times pages 12 to 15 (same publisher)

12. The world will crash down in the end

People's malice, on the increase, is speeding the downward course of the world. Our serious sins deserve war and scourges, which will help a few to repent, though many will perish.

July 21, 1943 Complete dictation Q43:226-230


Jesus says:

"I already told you [Maria] that what is said in the ancient books has a reference to the present. It is as though a series of mirrors would repeat and bring farther and farther ahead a sight seen behind.

"The world repeats itself in its errors and in its repentance, with this difference, however: errors have become more and more perfect with the development of the human race towards so-called civilization, while repentance has become more and more embryonic. Why? Because as the world passed from childhood to a more mature age, the world's malice and pride have increased.

"Now you people are at the apex of the world's age and have also reached the apex of malice and pride.

"However, do not think [Maria] that you people still have as much to live as you have lived. You are at the apex, and that should mean you have as much to live. But it will not be so. The world's downward course to the end will not be as long as its upward course. It will be a crashing down in the end. It is precisely malice and pride that are making you crash: two weights dragging you into the abyss of the end, at the dreadful judgment. Pride and malice, besides dragging you into the downward course, so dull your spirits as to make you more and more unable to stop your downhill fall with sincere repentance.

"But if you have proceeded like that: against Good, headlong towards Evil; I, the Eternal One, have remained immutable in My exact measure of Good and Evil. On the day light came into being and the world began with it, the Mind that does not err decided once and for all what is Good and what is Evil. Human strength, that slight human strength, cannot budge and undermine that eternal code written by God's finger on untouchable pages that are not of this earth.

"The only change since the moment when My Will created the world and mankind, is this: that beforehand you had to control yourselves and behave according to the tables of the Law and the words of the Prophets; afterwards you had Me, the Word and Redeemer, to explain the Law to you, to give you My teaching and My Blood, to bring to you with My coming the Spirit who leaves no shadows, and to sustain you throughout the centuries with the Sacraments and sacramentals.

"But what have you done with My coming? A new burden of sins you will have to answer for.

"Do we wish to look together at the ancient pages which contain the explanations for the current hour? They felt like a goad to you, [Maria,] but I will show them to you better.

"What is promised to those who keep the Law? Prosperity, abundance, peace, power, healthy and plentiful offspring, triumph over the enemy, because the Lord would be on the edge of His servants' swords against those who want to lift their hands on the children of the Most High. What are the Lawbreakers threatened with? Hunger, shortages, wars, defeats, plagues, God-forsakenness, enemy oppression through which the ex-children of the Most High become like harassed, scared, slaughter-doomed herds.

"You people bewail the hour in which you live. In fact you find it unjust? Its sternness seems too harsh? No. It is just and less harsh than what you deserve.

"I have saved you and resaved you in thousands of ways. I have forgiven you and reforgiven you for seven thousand and seven thousand crimes. I came precisely to give you Life and Light. I, Light of the world, came into your darkness to bring you the Word and the Light. I no longer spoke amidst whirlwinds and fire through the Prophets' mouths. No, I Myself came personally. I broke My bread with you, I shared My pallet with you, I sweated with you at work, I consumed Myself in evangelizing you, I died for you, I dispelled with My Word every doubt on the Law, I dispelled with My Resurrection every doubt on My Nature, I left you My very Self so as to be your spiritual Food, fit to give you Life-and you gave Me death.

"I gave you God's Word and Love and Blood, and you shut your ears against the Word, your souls against Love, and blasphemed My Blood.

"The ancient Tabernacle contained two stone tablets written by a Prophet's finger and contained a little manna. I replaced it with the new Tabernacle which contains the real Bread come down from Heaven and My Heart on which the Covenant of Love is written, a Covenant you break, not I.

"You can no longer say: 'We don't know what God is.' I took flesh so you would have a Flesh to love, since it is not enough for your awkwardness to love a spirit.

"Well? What have you done? What have you been doing more and more? Turning your backs on God, on His altar, on His Being - that's what. Not wanting God, the One and Triune God, the true God.

"You wanted gods. Your present gods are more shameful than the ancient gods or the fetishes of idolaters. Yes. The fetishes of idolaters. Idolaters still harbor respect for the image of God just as their mentality and ignorance can make it out. And in truth, in truth I tell you that natural idolaters will be judged far less harshly than you, idolaters of malice, who have sold yourselves to the worst idolatry: self-idolatry.

"Yes, you have created for yourselves gods of flesh, of corrupt flesh, and before these gods you have been able to sing hosanna and bow your heads and backs that you were unable to bow before God. You have scorned, denied, scoffed at, and broken My Law; but you have accepted and obeyed, like slaves and tamed animals, the deceitful law given to you by poor men even more corrupt than you and whose doom is such as to make all of heaven tremble with horror.

"Idolaters! Idolaters! Pagans! You have sold yourselves to the flesh, to money, to power, to Satan who is boss of these three evil kingdoms of flesh, money and power!

"But why, why, O My people, have you gone out of the Kingdom I had given you? Why have you run away from your King of Perfection and Love and preferred the chains and uncivilized state of the Kingdom of Satan, Prince of Evil and Death? Is this how you pay back the Most High who is your Father and Savior? And you are amazed if fire springs from the earth and fire rains from the sky to burn down the haughty and treacherous race that has disowned God and welcomed Satan and his agents?

"No, Satan does not need to labor and toil to swallow you! I have to toil to try and draw you to Me again, because if you have disowned your origin, I remember being your Father and Savior. Until the last hour, when you are gathered for the implacable sorting-out. I do not disown My wretched children and I still try to save them.

"This, Maria, this punishment (referring to WWII) is not undeserved. It is just. It is harsh because the sins of you sinners are extremely serious. But it is not, I repeat not, given out of mischief by a God who is all goodness. Your God would give Himself up to spare you it, if He knew this would help you. But He must, He must allow that you punish yourselves for your follies, for your prostitution with the Beast.

"A thousand and ten thousand shall be lost in every corner of the earth. But in the agony that chokes you people, someone will hear God's Voice resounding and will raise from the darkness his face towards the Light. That one coming back will justify the scourge, because-be aware of this, [Maria,] and think what duty you [victim souls] have to watch over it--one soul's price and value is such that the treasures of the earth are not enough to buy it. It takes the Blood of a God. My Blood." (Note: Catholics who are advocates of contraceptive abortifacients, please take note!)

13. The fall of many priests. Complete dictation

Jesus says:

"When the time comes, many stars will be swept away by the coils of Lucifer who, to prevail, needs to lessen the lights of souls.

"This will be possible because not only the laity but also the clerics have lost and lose more and more that steadfastness of faith, of charity, of strength, of purity, of detachment from the enticements of the world-qualities necessary to remain within the sphere of God's light.

"Do you understand [Maria] who these stars I am speaking about are? They are those whom I defined as salt of the earth and light of the world: My ministers.

  1. Ibid: August 16, 1943: Christ will reign and evangelize with new power

“My reign is not of this earth, according to what reigning means on earth. But it is a Reign over the earth, because I will reign over the earth. I will have a real, manifest reign, not only spiritual as it is now and over few. The hour will come when I am sole and true King of this earth which I purchased with My Blood, of which I was made King by My Father with all power over it. When will I come? What is the hour compared with eternity? And what will the hour matter to you when you are in eternity?

“I shall come. I will not have a new flesh because I already have a perfect one. I will evangelize, not as I once evangelized, but with new power, because then the good shall be not humanly good as the disciples at My first coming were, they will be spiritually good, and the wicked will be spiritually wicked, satanically wicked, perfectly wicked. Therefore the method will be in keeping with the circumstances, because if I used the method of 20 centuries ago it would be exceeded by the perfect in good, and it would give the satanic ones the means to offend the glorified Word in a way He must not be offended. Like a fine-meshed net I will drag behind My Light those who have reached spiritual sharpness. But those who became clumsy from uniting the flesh with Satan - they, the Dead of the spirit whom soul-decay keeps stuck in the mud - they will not enter My Light. They will complete their self-corruption by uniting with Evil and Darkness.

"For now I prepare that time in the future by an extraordinary use of the Word that comes down from the heavens to enlighten the souls ready to receive it. I turn you into the radiotelephone operators intent on hearing the teaching which is perfect and which I had already given and which I do not change, because there is only One Truth. My teaching, however, has been forgotten or twisted, forgotten too much and twisted too much, because it came in handy to forget it and twist it.

"I am doing this because I have mercy on Mankind that is dying without the bread of the spirit. As I gave Myself as bread for your souls, likewise now I give My Word as bread for your spirits. And I repeat: 'Happy are those who listen to God's word and comply with it."

  1. Ibid: August 16, 1943: More about the new evangelization

“When I use special means it is to hasten – because time is getting short – the fullness of the teaching of the Word and the fullness of the spiritual formation of the real disciples, the real subjects of Jesus Christ the King of the Jews, as was ironically said and written by a weak man who thought he was strong with his poor power. I am King of the World before the judgment of the world.

"Mankind, proceeding towards the last hour, must achieve spirituality. But understand Me, [Maria]. God is spirit; Satan is spirit. God is Spirit of Perfection. Satan is a spirit of sin. The mass is split in two of its own will, which God respects; all follow the side of their choice. The children of the Most High and My brothers and sisters choose God's side and out of love for Us spiritualize the flesh. Satan's slaves and the Beast's offspring choose Lucifer's side, and for the sake of the slavery which they themselves wanted, they kill the spirit under carnality, they turn their spirits into foul and disgusting flesh and blood.

"I will reign over, and in, the spirits having reached that maturity which today is that of individuals and then will be that of the whole mass of real Christians. At that time I shall address this group only, perfecting it with the last teaching through evangelization, no different in meaning, which cannot change, but different in its power which they will be able to understand then and which they could not today. The proof is that I must choose special creatures worthy of that much through their own efforts or made worthy through a miracle of love.

"Twenty centuries ago I spoke to everyone. When the time comes I will speak to these only, convinced as I am that speaking to the others would be useless. Thus the sorting out of the elect from the reprobate will begin.

"You, poor Maria, are one of these souls made worthy by My will. You have but one good thing: the goodwill of love. But that is the kind of will that is enough for Me. On it I can set My Master's chair to turn the little soul into a pedestal, to say, repeat and repeat again the words of love and invitation to Love, who guides and saves.

"I shall come with My glorified Flesh.

"By saying this I have aroused your curiosity. You would not be a woman if you were not curious. But I say what I think is useful to say for the good of all of you, and not what would be food for the useless curiosity of you all. If I appreciate being the Master, I know how to choose within the Truth the truths which are helpful for you to know, and that is enough.

(Part II to be continued.)