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Letter Reply to Tom Borromeo



Letter Reply to Tom Borromeo

From: Ed Olaguer

To: Tom Borromeo

Monday, June 29, 2009

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Subject: 26 U.P. Law Professors Support RH Bill

Dear Tom et al:

There you go again dear Tomas Borromeo, disturbing my peace and ­­­­­­­­­equanimity this fine Monday morning of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul…

Levity aside, yes I was already much disturbed upon reading the same news article last weekend, considering that I am a post jubilarian U.P. graduate, circa that historic period of Jesuit Father John P. Delaney’s chaplaincy at Diliman as the icon par excellence for our U.P. Students Catholic Action (UPSCA) and faculty community.

The RH Bill and the Philippines of today is I believe, mirrored in microcosm by our UPSCA’s running battles in Diliman against the U.P. Board of Regents in their definition of academic freedom and separation of Church vs. State, all of which smacked of liberal utilitarian humanism laced with anti-clerical motives.

Upon reflection on those seemingly halcyon days of my youth, in comparison to today’s national moral confusion worse compounded and confounded everyday, let me share with you Father Delaney’s battle plan so to speak, for UPSCA in those days.

Yes he constantly taught us through his daily homilies, lectures and weekly campus newsletter (U.P. Chizmiz), how to use every available logical and faith-based argument vis-a-vis the faith-and-moral issues confronting us in those days, e.g. hazing, loyalty to the teachings of Holy Mother Church, love of country, cheating in class, premature frequent dating leading sooner or later to physical intimacies between boys and girls, and of course many issues related to U.P.s much vaunted “academic freedom” for its professors and overall policy of liberal utilitarian humanism

For the superficial minded observants of Father Delaney’s activities as Catholic Chaplain at the Diliman campus, his often fierce and uncompromising yet elementary logic with Catholic faith-based arguments, with some isolated acerbic asides, (e.g. the “pachydermic” sensibilities and lack of “cerebral capacity” among his habitual critics), must have seemed to be his only albeit effective weapon offered to us UPSCANs for our arsenal as young and militant Catholic defenders of and witnesses to our Catholic Faith.

And yet for every hour he spent arguing against his adversaries, he must have spent a thousand times more time, unrelenting energy and wisdom while exhorting us his flock to be always “centered in Christ” to the level of “heroic virtue”. Thus he urged us to concentrate more on “being” in Christ, not only as much but even more than “doing and working” for God, through Jesus Christ as God, and particularly for the poor and oppressed because they were trulyour brethren in Christ”.

Thus he used every formal and informal opportunity, even during our person-to-person chit-chats, to urge us to begin our days and live the rest of the day with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, through our conciousness of the “Holy Eucharist in us” and devotion to Our Lady and Her Rosary. And so John Delaney even counted the number of daily and Sunday consumption of the Sacred Host. These numbers rapidly increased throughout the eight years of his chaplaincy, such that more than a dozen other Jesuit Fathers from Chabanel Hall (Jesuit refugees from Red China) and from the Ateneo, were eventually required to help him out regularly. Yes, the young Fathers Reuter, Gough and Horacio de la Costa were among those 5-star Jesuit priests assisting Father Delaney, particularly in distributing Holy Communion to vast numbers of Holy Mass participants, and hearing Confessions everyday.

Reading Tom’s email early this morning, I must confess, momentarily depressed me. For I was again reminded that we lay Catholics who are publicly and consistently opposed to the RH Bill are pitifully so few.

And yet Tom’s message soon nudged me back to a decent level of resurgent courage. For it reminded me once again of the spiritual and supernatural essence of Father Delaney’s battle plan for us UPSCANs some sixty years ago. It also brought back today’s Gospel to my attention.

In today’s Gospel reading, Christ pointedly emphasized to Peter, that it was not “flesh and blood” (e.g. mere human reasoning, much less liberal utilitarian humanism) that led Peter to profess who Jesus truly was (i.e. the true God and true man) but “my Father in Heaven” who gave Peter that gift of faith in Jesus.

But I must however ‘blame’ Tom Borromeo for also reminding me, even if indirectly, to plead with our clergy, especially our Bishops and particularly those in Metro Manila who have the prime duty and jurisdiction in enforcing Ex Corde Ecclesia on our so-called ‘Catholic’ schools, universities and seminaries, thusly: “To preach continuously, discuss, reiterate, edify, be at the disposal of everyone – it is an enormous responsibility, a great weight, an immense effort.” (St. Augustine of Hippo, Sermon 339, 4)

And so albeit belatedly, thank you most sincerely, dear Tom Borromeo!

Ed Olaguer

P.S. Here below is the subject “highly disturbing” e-mail from our pesky Tom Borromeo

FW: ABS-CBN News: 26 UP Law Profs Support RH Bill

Tomas Borromeo

Dear Frs., all,

Now we know the ‘slippery slope’ of heterodoxy our dear departed Bro. Andrew at DLSU
and Frs. Tanseco, Genilo (Genovesi) et al, got their ‘Catholic’ institutions into.

They mask all of these abominations w/ terms like ‘loyal dissent,’ ‘informed choice,’ and
their most favourite, “ACADEMIC FREEDOM.”

To paraphrase Bro. Andrew: “What is keeping De La Salle from being a ‘world-class’ institution
of learning is her being Catholic!”

DLSU accepted a Ford Foundation grant and thus ‘sold her (Catholic) soul...’

Let us move that ALL PHILIPPINE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITES, COLLEGES, SCHOOLS FOLLOW: (Ex Corde Ecclesiae document attached)







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Subject: Re: ABS-CBN News: 26 UP Law Profs Support RH Bill

Dear Everyone,

Here are some historical tidbits that could shed light on how and why the UP professors so easily lent their endorsement to the RH Bill. You see, PLCPD is not the only black hole in the RH constellation. Some of you will remember "REPROCEN" from way back 1996.

The "Reproductive Health, Rights and Ethics Center for Studies and Training" was the pioneering work of Prof. ALFREDO F. TADIAR , who in 1996 "undertook extensive research into the legal and constitutional provisions on reproductive rights and abortion. His work provided the legal basis for the promotion of women's reproductive rights, of which he was a firm advocate". He started out as Director of a Ford Foundation-funded, 3-year project to set up and make operational a centre that "focused on questions of legal and medical ethics related to reproductive health". He served as the first Executive Director of the pioneering Center for Research, Studies and Training on Reproductive Health, Rights and Ethics (REPROCEN) as a joint project of the UP Colleges of Law and Medicine. Like Dr Juan Flavier, he had received extensive support from the UNFPA and the USAID and other US/EU front orgs and foreign interest groups for projects on family planning, population control, population management, reproductive rights, "IEC/M", etc. It is not surprising that REPROCEN very rapidly acquired an international character. He was designated as International Adviser to the Board of Trustees of the International Women's Health Coalition based in New York. Since the 1980s, he has served at various times as Chairman or Member of the Board of Directors of two other Philippine NGOs—the Women's Health Care Foundation and Institute for Social Studies and Action. His wife FLORENCE TADIAR is a household name in Philippine abortion advocacy. [ NB: All this was happening during the pro-abortion Clinton Administration (1993-2001), but continued well into the Bush years. ]

In collaboration with Ex-Cong. NEREUS ACOSTA (of PLCPD & AFPPD ),
Prof. Tadiar was able to infiltrate his redefinitions of reproductive ethics into Catholic institutions and universities like AdMU and DLSU through 'academic' conferences and seminars on ethics and law. For example, Tadiar worked closely with DLSU sociology Prof. PILAR RAMOS JIMENEZ , then coordinator of the Task Force on Social Science and Reproductive Health. The overt aim of Prof. Jimenez' (likewise Ford Foundation-funded) task force to coordinate NGOs for the promotion of RH; the covert aim was to advocate the legalization of abortion in the Philippines . The RH task force held office in the DLSU Social Development Research Center, Behavioral Science Department where she was Dean.

Upon Tadiar's retirement, Prof. ELIZABETH AGUILING-PANGALANGAN , wife of ex-Dean Raul C. Pangalangan, assumed Chairmanship of REPROCEN. She authored "Reproductive health, rights, and their progeny: norms in case and statute law" and masterminded the filing of charges against former Manila Mayor Atienza. She is the central RH advocate in UP Law today. MORE .

REPROCEN began in Malcolm Hall at UP Diliman, but it has now gone "global", with its main offices in Wall Street, New York City.


Here is a sampling of landmark academic papers pushed during REPROCEN's early years in the Philippines:

Tadiar, Alfredo F. The Limits of Protection to the Life of the Unborn. Quezon City, Philippines: Institute for Social Studies and Action, 1993.

Ramos Jimenez, P., and Yadao, P.M.P., eds. Participatory Research in Sexuality and Reproductive Health. Manila: Social Development Research Center, De La Salle University, 1993.

62:30303 Tadiar, Florence M.; Robinson, Elizabeth T. Legal, ethical and regulatory aspects of introducing emergency contraception in the Philippines. International Family Planning Perspectives, Vol. 22, No. 2, Jun 1996. 76-80
pp. New York, New York. In Eng. "This article describes the complex influences of regulatory laws, religion, politics and ethics on the provision of emergency contraception in one large developing nation -- the Philippines, which has no law specifically governing the use of emergency contraception. Although emergency methods are little-known in the country, several factors suggest that they may be well suited to the Philippines."

Correspondence: F. M. Tadiar, University of the Philippines, College of Public Health, Manila, Philippines. Location:Princeton University Library (SPR).


The strategy we see here is a standard component of Planned Parenthood social engineering ops. It involves taking and holding the academic high ground by invoking academic freedom. They can mess around like magicians every which way behind the academic wall -- before the show begins. In the end, there's nothing true. It's all sleight-of-hand. Or perhaps we should say sleight-of-mind, intellectual conjurements.

The UP Profs are Tadiar's peers and proteges. They are professors of (supposedly) the most prestigious college of law in the Philippines, but who appear to be betraying Philippine sovereignty by allowing themselves -- through REPROCEN's influence -- to be utterly beholden to foreign institutions and governments. They tout the Philippine Constitution, but have not the diligence to read the proceedings thereof in order to grasp what it truly contemplates. They should have exerted due diligence before signing their pro-RH manifesto, for in doing so, they have given a very bad name to UP Law, which is now downgraded in the minds of many to no more than a school of sloppy investigation, sophistry and subterfuge.

Eventually, magic's greatest secrets will be revealed!


PS: These are the enemies we are called to love. The first step is understanding who they are and where they are coming from.


2009/6/26 Melvin Castro

Most certainly, we cannot let our guards down. We may have won this round, but we will never know what they might come up with Congress resumes session after the SONA.

We ask our lay faithful most especially to form "core family groups" in your areas to continue the formation and education (or re-education). On our part, the priests would continue to strengthen the Family and Life ministries.

We beg our Family and Life groups to consider, really consider, entering into the mass media apostolate. Contemporary families and contemporary generation are greately and/or gravely influenced by mass media.

And of course, we pray, begging Our Lady, Mediatrix of All-Grace, to obtain true conversion for all.

And please do not forget to pray for us priests, it's the Year for Priests...

Fr. Melvin

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From: Manny Arejola
Subject: Re: ABS-CBN News: 26 UP Law Profs Support RH Bill
To: "Rosie
Date: Friday, June 26, 2009, 7:14 AM

Dear Rosie:

I do not know any of this people, so I do not know how to tell them that they endorsed a deadly formula to destroy our women. But if you know any of these people, kindly transmit this note to them.



To these 26 UP Bigots, isang tanong lang: BINASA BA NINYO ANG HB 5043?

I bet you, none of you ever did! I bet you nagtiwala lamang kayo sa paglulubid ng buhangin ni San Pascual!

Nakoryente kayo ni San Pascual tulad ng pagkakakoryente niya sa mga Obispo at mga Pastor na Evangelical!

Sayang. Isinugal ninyo ang inyong pangalan para sa isang panukalang batas reminiscent of the years of Martial Law!

Pati ba naman kayo sasali pa sa kabalbalan ni mercenary San Pascual? How much did San Pascual promise you of the P5B Lagman is trying to suck out of the system?

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 1:53 PM, Rosie B. Luistro < > wrote:

26 UP Laws Profs support RH Bill
26 UP law profs support RH bill
Created 06/24/2009 - 15:44

Moves to pass House Bill 5043 or the "Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2009" continued to gain momentum as 26 faculty members including former deans of the University of the Philippines College of Law issued a statement in support of the proposed measure.

The faculty members who recently signed the position paper, are expressing their full support for the passage of the controversial legislation.

"We believe that the bill supports Constitutionally guaranteed State obligations to protect and promote the right to health of the Filipino people. It brings to life the ideals of equality, justice, and respect for human dignity that lie at the core of our fundamental law by guaranteeing that all Filipinos have access to quality information and services in reproductive health," the statement read.

"Amid pervasive socio-economic inequality, the availability and accessibility of reproductive health care is an indispensable step towards improving the quality of life of millions of Filipinos," it added.

The 26 UP College of Law professors are Froilan M. Bacungan, Merlin M. Magallona, Raul C. Pangalangan, Marvic F. Leonen, Elizabeth Aguiling-Pangalangan, Araceli Baviera, Eduardo A. Labitag, Myrna S. Feliciano, Domingo Disini, Carmelo Sison, Rowena Daroy Morales, H. Harry Roque, Ibarra M. Gutierrrez III, JJ Disini, E. Leo Battad, Florin T. Hilbay, Rommel J. Casis, Tristan Catindig, Jose C. Laureta, Concepcion Lim Jardeleza, Antonio M.Santos, Carol Ruiz-Austria, Rafael Morales, Rowena V. Guanzon, Alfred Molo III and Stephanie Gomez-Somera.

Ramon San Pascual, Executive Director of the Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD) lauded the law professors, who in the face of heavy opposition of Catholic hierarchy against the bill have bravely acknowledged not only the constitutionality but also the very humane character of this proposed measure.

"Despite what happened on the last days of Congressional session where the RH bill was bypassed by other less important issues, particularly by ConAss resolution, we remain confident and steadfast that this bill will become a law soon. And we find inspiration from people who continuously express their support and clamor for the passage of the bill," he said in a statement.

He said advocates of HB5043 are pushing for the bill's passage once the 3rd regular session starts in July.

"Activities to make lawmakers understand the urgency of passing the bill are already lined-up, RH advocates are still holding on to Speaker Prospero Nograles' promise that they will vote on this bill under this Congress," he said.

Below is the full statement from the UP College Faculty of Law


We, the undersigned faculty members of the University of the Philippines College of Law, in our capacity as lawyers, educators, and citizens, express our full support for the Reproductive Health Bill (HB 5043) currently pending in the House of Representatives.

We believe that the bill supports constitutionally guaranteed State obligations to protect and promote the right to health of the Filipino people. It brings to life the ideals of equality, justice, and respect for human dignity that lie at the core of our fundamental law by guaranteeing that all Filipinos have access to quality information and services in reproductive health. Amid pervasive socio-economic inequality, the availability and accessibility of reproductive health care is an indispensable step towards improving the quality of life of millions of Filipinos.

The bill likewise serves to empower Filipino women in making informed choices about their health – decisions which ultimately affect the lives of their families and communities. Ensuring their right to equality before the law is not only crucial to the health and wellbeing of women and their families, but is also essential to assuring their effective participation in national development.

Similarly, we assert that the bill's adoption of the human rights framework in dealing with reproductive health is a welcome and long-overdue initiative that more appropriately reflects the emerging international consensus that treats the issue as one that principally involves fundamental rights, free and informed decision-making, and women's empowerment.

Contrary to the contention by some groups that the bill encroaches on religious freedom, we maintain that it does precisely the opposite. By providing citizens and their families with adequate information and a variety of options on reproductive health, the bill empowers them to make sound decisions. By enabling choice, the RH bill neither compels individuals nor families to resort to family planning methods or health interventions but rather empowers them to make sound decisions and access information and services for their health and wellbeing. This is fully consistent with the principle of mutual respect for religious differences enshrined in our constitutional order.

Apart from being fully in accordance with the precepts of our own Constitution and the principles established under international conventions, recent surveys have also indicated that the bill enjoys the support of the majority of Filipinos. There is therefore no further reason, whether legal or political, for our elected representatives in Congress to stand in the way of the bill's enactment into law, despite the continued protestations of certain interest groups.

We hereby call on both houses of Congress to immediately pass the Reproductive Health Bill and for those who have stood against its passage to summon up the wisdom to act, not on the basis of faulty assumptions or in the service of vested interests, but for the common good of the Filipino people.

Signed by 26 faculty members of the UP College of Law including former Deans Froilan M. Bacungan, Merlin M. Magallona, Raul C. Pangalangan and Dean Marvic F. Leonen, Professors Elizabeth Aguiling-Pangalangan, Araceli Baviera, Eduardo A. Labitag, Myrna S. Feliciano, Domingo Disini, Carmelo Sison, associate professors Rowena Daroy Morales, H. Harry Roque, Ibarra M. Gutierrrez III, JJ Disini, E.Leo Battad, Florin T. Hilbay, Rommel J. Casis and professorial lecturers Tristan Catindig, Jose C. Laureta, Concepcion Lim Jardeleza, Antonio M.Santos, Carol Ruiz-Austria, Rafael Morales, Rowena V. Guanzon, AlfredMolo III and Stephanie Gomez-Somera in May 2009, Quezon City, Philippines.
as of 06/24/2009 6:06 PM

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