Friday, September 21


Mga Awit 10 (Pslam 10)

O Panginoon!
Sa panahon ng bagabag, bakit po kayo nagtatago?
Ang masama’y naghahambog sa buktot na nilalayon.
WHY, 0 Lord, dost thou stand afar off, why hide thyself in times of trouble, while the wicked man is proud, the needy man is distressed, he is caught in the plots which the wicked has devised?

Sa kanilang paghahambog, ganito ang binubulong:
“Hindi ako papansinin nitong Diyos na huhukom.”
Wika nila sa sarili, “Lagi akong may tagumpay. Ang bagabag sa akin di sasapit kailanman.”
For the sinner glories in his covetousness, and the despoiler blasphemes, he scorns the Lord. For the wicked man in his pride of spirit, says: "He will not punish; there is a no God:" such is all his thought. His ways succeed all the time; thy judgments are far from his mind; he despises all his enemies. He says in his heart: "I shall not be moved; from generation to generation I shall not be unhappy."

Sinungaling magsalita, lapastanga’t mapagbanta, at masakit kung mangusap, masama ang kanilang dila.
Hinahamak dinudurog, kaming taong kulang-palad, at lubusang inaapi ng malupit at malakas.
His mouth is filled with cursing and fraud and deceit; under his tongue are labor and sorrow. He waits in ambush near the villages, in hidden places he murders the innocent; his eyes spy out the poor man. He lies in ambush in dark places like a lion in his den; he lies in wait to catch the helpless man: he seizes and drags the helpless one into his net. He stoops, he crouches on the ground and the poor fall before his violence. He says in his heart: "God has forgotten, he has turned away his face, he never sees."

Panginoon! Kami’y nalulungkot at nagdurusa. Kayo’y laging nakahanda sa pagtulong sa amin. Ang wala nang maasahan ay sa iyo nagpupunta, pagka’t di ka nagkakait ng tulong mo sa kanila.
Yaong mga masasama ay alisan mo ng lakas, sa kanilang kasamaan,parusahan silang lahat. Lubusin mo ang parusa, pahirapan mo ng ganap.
Arise, 0 Lord God, lift up thy hand! Forget not the poor! Why does the wicked man spurn God, and say in his heart: "He will not punish"? But thou dost see: thou considerest labor and pain that thou mayest take them in thy hands. To thee the poor man entrusts himself; thou art a helper to the orphan! Break thou the arm of the sinner and the wicked: thou shalt punish his wickedness, and it will not remain.

Diringgin mo yaong api at ulilang lumuluha, papanigan sa paghatol, yaong mga taong aba. Pakiusap O Diyos, iyan ang gawin mo, upang itong masasama ay wala nang maidulot na pangamba at dalita.
The Lord is the king forever and ever, the nations have perished from his land. Thou, 0 Lord, hast heard the desire of the afflicted, thou hast reassured their heart, thou hast lent an ear, to uphold the right of the orphan and the oppressed. And that evildoers may terrify no more.



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