Monday, November 5



First of all I wish to state for the record that I certainly do not consider myself as a partisan activist or loyal sympathizer of the political opposition to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

And for the record as well, it should be emphasized that I consider it my moral duty to expose the CONSISTENTLY immoral, corrupt and hypocritical patterns of private and public behavior of the person who has been OCCUPYING the office of the President of the Philippines for more than six years now.

I'd rather, however that she be ousted strictly through an explicitly constitutional and fairly conducted process of impeachment. Considering however that the lowest house of Congress is “mosely” populated by people unworthy of their high calling, I certainly endorse genuine calls for a VOLUNTARY GLORIA resignation. Nevertheless, though I hope I am wrong, I consider the probability of that ever happening as even less than that of Nero's soulmate Robert Mugabe doing the same noble gesture in Zimbabwe. Erap Estrada, publicly and humbly confessing to having plundered the nation, might even be a little more probable!

Equally improbable is the forlorn hope that the incumbent Vice President, Senate President and Speaker of the House, will all similarly resign in order to pave the way for a “SNAP” election.

And so it looks like a dead-end for such hopes other than HOPING too, that after June 30, 2010 Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will have graciously given up on power politics or will have no choice but to do so and thus not be able to amend our Constitution and shoehorn herself as Prime Minister.

But the main point of this piece today is that the biggest reason why there are not enough people clamoring for Hypocrishe's resignation or impeachment is that most Filipinos, including those who detest Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as public official and private person, also DISTRUST almost to the same degree, those who will or might be her replacement.

We have become a nation of cynics as a result of having been disappointed in varying degrees of intensity, with practically ALL of our nation's leaders for the last fifty years.

And so, unless there will be an unexpected, unprecedented, and hopefully divinely orchestrated train of political events before the year 2010, we just have to hope that there will somehow arise from within our pitifully thin ranks of decent politicians, enough of them who may be worthy and capable of rejuvenating our people's hopes for the Philippines.

But that will never happen unless we the Catholic or Christian voters will similarly have undergone our own nationwide moral regeneration, so as to be able to discern in majority numbers, as to whom to support and vote for SOLIDLY, UNERRINGLY and UNSELFISHLY, as our candidate for the Presidency of the Philippines by May of 2010.

Otherwise all our politicians, good or bad, will again have to depend on and thereby compromise themselves all the more with the usual jueteng operators, drugdealers, greedy businessmen, crooked police and military officers, PLUS the re-invented and re-tooled new Garcis and Bedols at the COMELEC, together with the likes of catholic TRAPOS Erap/Jinggoy Estrada or Joe de Venecia.

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