Saturday, November 3




Poor Mosely! Instead of allaying the fear and outrage of the numerous critics of his sudden appointment as COMELEC commissioner, these were all the more heightened by his recent interview on the ANC TV news channel.

What came off repeatedly to increase our fears and growing outrage even further was that poor Mosely's credentials other than being a former RTC judge, were mainly on a.) his ridiculous premise and theory that it is better for a thief to catch a thief; and b.) appointments to the Commission on Elections supposedly being on a first come-first served and appointed basis. It was repeatedly emphasized that he was mosely familiar with perennial cheating during elections in Mindanao. And also, he had applied for the job almost a year ago!

Poor Mosely claimed therefore that his knowledge about such prostitution of elections especially in the Muslim dominated areas of Mindanao, placed him in a better position to minimize if not to eliminate this curse on our electoral system. And in the process, Mosely vowed to “reform the COMELEC” too! That's what our politicians have also always been promising to us. And so, it is they who are “mosely” to blame for our having had to suffer electoral ignominies foisted on our people such us a former judge surnamed Abalos, and Mindanao natives and fugitives Garcillano and Bedol, to name just a few. And yet we know that thieves and cheats catch only those other thieves and cheats that will bring them illicit profit or greater power, or to wreak vengeance on those who have previously double-crossed them.

Now we also know that appointments to the COMELEC nowadays may go to the quickest on the draw in applying for the job but with the solid backing of political birds of the same dirty feathers as the approving powers.

Given this latest display of the same old mendacities and machinations of our politicians, is there still any hope that GMA and her political lackeys will surprise us by first reforming themselves in order to jumpstart the so-called Moral Revolution so ironically yet pridefully announced by Trapo-Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr?


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