Friday, November 2

Orchestrated Cover-Up?


Let us assume that the Glorietta 2 explosion was caused by a “gas blast” and not by a conventional bomb explosive.

Ordinary common sense however, tells us, even if we are not bomb or chemical gas experts, that ANY gas blast, methane or otherwise, can either be an ACCIDENTALLY caused spontaneous combustion, or a DELIBERATELY triggered UNspontaneous plot.

All professional forensic examiners and crime investigators worth a penny know such logical reasoning, by instinct and more so by training.

Thus Nicole Smith’s sudden death in a Carribean island resort which from all indications looked like a case of accidental overdose of medicine, was even more thoroughly investigated for the other, and equally probable possibility of a treacherously INDUCED and “planted” medication of dangerous drugs by somebody who would benefit from her death.

In obvious and most suspicious or even damning contrast, our local police sleuths and their military handlers have NOT even considered nor mentioned the MUCH MORE LIKELY probability that the Glorietta 2 blast, assuming it was NOT caused by crater-gouging bomb explosives, could have been treacherously induced by any number of mucho malo hombres yet unknown!

And so these local sleuths and their foreign “expert” collaborators who have long been pumping the public with their one and only “accidental” conclusion, are either really stupid and incompetent, or merely FEIGNING being so.

If however you ask people in the streets especially the relatives of the blast victims, as to their answer to that dilemma, I doubt very much if more than one out of ten will insist that these Pinoy detectives are THAT STUPID with not a single homo sapiens among our local spooks.

And considering that the Ayala Corporation, the Glorietta 2 owners of last resort and responsibility, have a slew of top-notch and logically minded executives, the probability of their swallowing “hook-line-and-sinker” of such gross stupidity is NIL!

Consider further that there was NOT JUST ONE explosion heard by on-the-scene witnesses, but TWO! And that there were men in army uniforms who were SURPRISINGLY and QUICKLY there too. These were not investigators, but were later officially identified as military usiseros! They even surreptitiously brought out soon after the blast, sensitive physical evidence in the form of a plastic bag reeking with chemicals. And likewise attempted to smuggle into the vicinity very suspicious “planting” materials…

Do they and their conspiratorial bosses think that we are all that stupid? With nary a homo sapiens among us?

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